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Dr. Jeff Alexander

A Personal Message from Dr. Jeff Alexander

“Ignorance of our true identity is the root cause of all suffering. We see ourselves merely as individual personalities separate from each other. This is the greatest delusion of all. It gives rise to fear. Fear stops us dead in our tracks and creates obstacles to our growth. We fear each other and the unknown. Until this perception shifts, suffering will continue. It is not the events in life that cause suffering. It is the mind’s perception of these events that cause suffering. And when fear is present, suffering will be with us.

Suffering cannot be alleviated by accumulating more wealth or material things.

The only way to conquer fear is to face it! For over thirty years I have used a process that invites you to consciously travel into your own ego fears in a safe and powerful way. Once there, you become a witness and experience your true nature – that you are part of Spirit. Once you see a clear distinction between the ego and your true identity as soul, a realization of profound magnitude occurs. Many call this an awakening moment. A sense of freedom never before experienced is now present mentally, emotionally and spiritually. When we awaken to our true identity and begin to operate in the world with this new power, our world changes.

In order to get what you have never had, you must do what you have never done. If you are reading this, then consider the possibility that your Spirit is inviting you to take a Leap of Faith into the greatest of all adventures. Warrior Spirit exists to provide a quantum leap into this self-realization.”

Dr. Jeff Alexander

About Dr. Jeff Alexander

Dr. Jeff AlexanderDr. Jeff Alexander has been a spiritual teacher for over thirty years. He specializes in the integration of spiritual laws into life in the areas of business and personal relationships. As a youngster his life would forever be changed by a violent confrontation from an abusive bully. This led him to enter his first martial arts school at the age of twelve. Jeff would share years later how his bully experienced helped shape his career as a teacher. He received his first black belt at the age of 16 years. After high school, with the Viet Nam War at it's peak, Jeff joined the Naval Air Force and was trained as an air traffic controller. After the war, Jeff's love of martial arts inspired him to master two more styles of martial arts, attaining several more black belts. He continued with college while competing nationally in tournaments. Jeff held several titles in his division including third place in the state championships.

While attending UCLA Dental School, he continued his martial arts while teaching for Chuck Norris in Santa Monica, CA.

The sudden death of his father in 1974 left Jeff with a devastating emotional loss and the inability to pay for the remaining years of expensive dental school. Jeff decided to try his skills in the boxing ring in an attempt to earn additional income to get through school. Jeff then switched directions and launched his career as a boxer and competed successfully in several bouts in southern California winning every fight. In addition to a successful fighter, Jeff trained actors and stuntmen in Los Angeles for movies. Billed as the “Dentist who can knock your teeth out” by the press, he assisted in the training and became sparring partner for celebrities like Sylvester Stallone for Rocky III.

Because of his unique style of teaching, Law Enforcement in the Los Angeles and Oakland area approached Jeff. Police officers needed additional training in the mastery of fearful situations to eliminate the “panic reaction.” Jeff studied reactions of victims under violent attacks. Combining his own knowledge of combat he created experiential trainings for police officers in the area of mastering their response to fearful violent confrontations.

To learn how to master fear, he replicated real life scenarios that filled his students with mental, emotional and physical fear. His process gave each police officer an experience of safely feeling the height of fear and reprogram the correct response. The program changed many police officers lives. They reported positive change at work as well as in their personal relationships. This lead to the Warrior Spirit teaching process of full body learning he uses today. His centerpiece program now offered for over 20 years to the public, Leap of Faith, got its roots from his first days working in law enforcement.

Jeff graduated from UCLA School of Dentistry in 1977 where he specialized in treating children. After graduating, Jeff created the first Youthful Tooth Co. for Kids in the San Francisco Bay Area. His practices treat many under privelegded children who normally would not be able to receive healthcare. Jeff quickly realized that fear and competition did not only live in the boxing ring or the streets. Fear was everywhere. It seemed to infect personal relationships and the world of business. The realization and depression that followed motivated him to seek out masters who led him to study and embrace the spiritual laws that have been taught for thousands of years. He vowed to use his life and his businesses to integrate and put these laws to work. Today, his success in business is attributed to the systems he put into his practices. After opening five more children’s clinics in California, Jeff soon became a very popular speaker and trainer to many organizations wanting to master his principals. After only seven years of actively treating patients, Jeff elected to take an early retirement from active practice and follow his passion of teaching these spiritual laws to organizations and the public. He founded Warrior Spirit in 1990.

Jeff has traveled internationally teaching his method of integrating spiritual laws into the world of business and personal relationships. He has shared the stage with Robert Kiyosaki, Tony Robbins, Marshall Thurber and Buckminster Fuller. He was a teacher at the Burklyn Business School where he taught his three-day business management program, Management with Ease. He has appeared many times on radio and TV including the Oprah Winfrey show.

All his teachings are based on full body experiences where each student experiences the full range of what they are to learn. His programs are not “all talk” but engage the emotional and spiritual aspects for each participant. He invites students to enter those places where they are challenged and practice the strategies before they re-enter the world. Students report a permanent physiological shift in their mind and body, which never leaves!

Jeff currently lives in Washington where he still manages his dental corporation shared by his partner in California. He still teaches publicly and performs custom trainings for organizations. He never teaches a principal he has not lived. His life has been his laboratory. Jeff will illuminate any darkness you may encounter as you venture down your spiritual path. His words are a lighthouse that will guide you through the turbulent storms of change.